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Discover an easy and smart way to pick up per diem shifts without an agency.

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Reasons to Sign Up

RnVentory knows the value that nurses play in the healthcare field and we want to ensure that you have the tools to take control of your career and be properly compensated without the bureaucracy involved. So go ahead and challenge yourself to have the work-life balance that you deserve.

Be In Control

No negotiations needed as all information are provided for you upfront. Simply select opportunities of your choosing...not what’s chosen for you.

Obtain Greater Flexibility

Work anywhere and anytime of your choosing so long as your credentials are valid. No more solicitation calls during odd hours.

Increase Earning Potential

Raise your salary ceiling with premium pay per shift and receive bonuses for working when patients need you most.

RnVentory puts you in control, simplified ways to increase your earning potential, and eliminated any ambiguity that comes with picking up per diem work.

How it works

RnVentory makes it easy for you to take an extra shift by connecting you directly with healthcare facilities that needs your services.


Join the Revolution

Signup and start the process of creating your profile on RnVentory. Don’t worry, we make it easy for you to complete your profile step-by-step.


Find Available Shifts

RnVentory automatically updates and present available shifts directly into your dashboard. Select available shifts from facilities that you like and place your interest in taking the shift.


Shake Hands & Get Paid

Check in at the facility before shift begins and check out at end of shift. Any changes or request from the facility before your shift ends can be done with ease. Get paid directly from us.

In our effort to make an impact and improve the quality of care through proper staffing levels, we want to make it easy and financially rewarding for nurses like you to access available shifts at your nearby healthcare facilities.

We have provided answers to some general questions that are frequently asked. For more specific questions, visit the help section within your dashboard or contact us at