Facilities FAQ

How is RnVentory different than nurse registries?

RnVentory is a software-as-a-service company. It is a singular tool that integrates your internal staff with an external talent resource; allowing you to augment and fulfill your staffing needs more efficiently. It eliminates the hassle of calling internal staff one-by-one and reduce or eliminate the need to call nurse registry vendors one-at-a-time.

RnVentory's technology matches your needs and connect you directly with available pre-vetted registered nurses should your internal staff be unavailable. We empower you to decide which matching nurses you wish to have for a particular shift or department...not just any body to fulfill your staffing needs.

What types of nurses can I requests?

We have a continuously growing number of nurses with diverse specialty types who are actively looking to take on extra shifts and are always curious about new nursing position opportunities.

How often can I make a requests and what type of nurses can I request?

You can request as much or as little as you wish. The registered nurses in our platform have diverse specialties and possess a minimum of one year experience to make sure that they can hit the ground running.

Will this conflict with existing contracts with our current vendors?

No. We currently recruit per diem nurses for short-term contingent staffing needs. While we wish to be the only source for your nurse staffing needs, we understand that registries still provide the solution for longer term staffing. It is our goal to develop a data driven product that would one day provide a valuable and effective tool to acquire value-added talent that would sustain your long-term staffing needs.

Does RnVentory verify and check nurses?

Yes. We want you to feel confident about the integrity of the nurses who are using RnVentory in order to make it easy and fast for you to find the nursing manpower you need. RnVentory has partnered with a third party organization to administer background check for nurses who wish to use our platform. We are also partnered with Quest Diagnostics, the largest and one of the most trusted diagnostics company to administer drug screening. License verifications have been automated and are actively monitored to make sure that nurses do not become delinquent and that they stay up-to-date.

Is RnVentory more work than using a registry?

No. We know patient census and needs change all the time; RnVentory makes it simple and faster to find the nursing staff that you need to meet the necessary nursing manpower for any shift, whether by acuity or raw patient numbers.

Our platform helps you save significant time by connecting you directly with a growing network of pre-vetted nurses that are available to work on short notice and can hit the ground running. Our matchmaking system automates the connection between you and the best possible candidate for your staffing needs, which mean you do not have to contact numerous registries to find the best qualified nurse for your staffing needs.

Are there any fees if I want to hire a nurse full-time through RnVentory?

None. We want you to have the best talent by trying nurses out before you hire for full-time position. RnVentory does not charge any finder’s fee or direct hire fee. If you hire a nurse for a full-time position that you find through our platform who works well with your existing staff and fits with the culture of the organization, then we know we’re doing our job right.

How much does it cost to use RnVentory?

RnVentory is free to use. You only make a payment after the service has been rendered by the clinicians using RnVentory. This means that you get:

  • Free unlimited staff requests (job posting)
  • A continuously growing inventory of clinicians who are ready and willing to take on an extra shift or two
  • No cost messaging with all confirmed clinicians

Additionally, there are no commissions or fees when a successful match has been made as the cost of hiring the clinicians are inclusive. For detailed pricing schedule to hire a per-diem nurse for any given shift, please contact us.

What does your pricing look like?

We have structured a pricing schedule that is competitive and relative to the clinician’s experience level. Having a pricing schedule would allow you to effectively forecast and budget your future staffing needs. NO INDIVIDUALIZED PRICING.

Please contact us for detailed pricing schedule to hire a per-diem nurse for any given shift.

Are there ways to save money by using your platform?

Please contact us to discuss availabile options.

What if I have more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Can I see a demo?

Of course. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you at the earliest possible time.